We make it play… or you don’t pay.

That’s our Guarantee.

We’re 24frame Specialists who provide the Tech & the Talent needed for TV & Movies.

Our goal is to provide ‘Guaranteed Tech’ for the 24frame playback world.

We want you happy, so… if there is a problem, we fix it.


We offer three unique products and the talent to execute:

1. Re-Engineered RetroTech™ camera-ready
2. Original Working RetroTech™ verified to be 24frame friendly
3. Re-Imagined RetroTech™ featuring a hybrid of vintage & modern components.

We provide 24frame Video Playback, for two distinct types of monitor images:

1. Background Monitors… usually static or looping images
2. Hero Monitors… highly controlled or triggered images on cue.


We offer two substantial Payment-on-Delivery Discounts:

1. 24% Discount when you engage our 24frame Specialists for all your On-Set Playback requirements
2. Additional Discounts may be applied for volume rentals or other considerations

In both cases, to receive your discount YOU MUST MAKE PAYMENT-ON-DELIVERY. No exceptions. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Most labor is billed through IATSE local 479 at prevailing rates… $50 p/h, guaranteed 8.

Video Playback Systems are billed as extra line items (see below).

The THREE TYPES of Monitors we RENT:

1- Re-Engineered RetroTech™

Our team of RetroTechnicians™ begin with original vintage technology and replace it with the latest monitor screens and software. This provides ‘the look’ without the traditional trepidations and operational hassles of the original, older technology.

It simply works when the shooting starts. Dependable, controllable, clean images on screen... with the vintage look you want. No rolling, no flickering, no heat, no noise, and no techno-babble over frame rates. We highly recommend their use when it fits your production. These monitors don’t cost more… they save more.
(Specifically, no need for a Schindler with its expense and complications.)

As an aside, we recommend a backup for each size of monitor on-set… just in case.

When we are engaged for 24frame Playback, besides a remarkable 24% OFF Rental Rates, we usually bring a backup, at our expense… just in case.

2- Original Working RetroTech™

Of course, we also guarantee our ‘Original Working Tech’ to be 24frame Friendly… using a Schindler to get the frame rate the camera needs. All our vintage technology has been certified to be fully functioning.
When we are engaged for 24frame Playback, besides a remarkable 24% OFF Rental Rates, we usually bring a backup, at our expense… just in case

3- Re-Imagined RetroTech™

Our third product offering is a ‘Hybrid Re-Engineered’ version, with a mix of original technology and modern components… often creating remarkable and versatile solutions for today’s cinematic challenges.

The TWO TYPES of PLAYBACK Monitor Images we support:

1- Background Monitors

Simple, Still or Moving Images that are not Triggered by a cue
Background images are simple looping images, with limited controls over positioning, corrections or timing to events or cues.

2- Hero Monitors

Complex, Highly Controllable or Triggered on cue
These images may require accurate positioning, rotation, color or brightness correction, and the ability to be quickly changed or executed on-demand by a specific event or cue and in tandem with other Hero Monitors.