Control Rooms Under Control

This fast-paced romp Introduces 24ATL and their new Control Room Sets available for Film & TV

Three 'Standing Sets' with all the working technology and graphics to represent:

  • Modern Day Control Room
  • 80’s/90’s Suite
  • Post-Apocalypse Future

All screens are Pre-Loaded with our Unique Graphics Camera-Ready. Of course, we can help create your unique screens or load anything you provide.
Shoot on our Historic Atlanta SoundStage at Oakcliff Studios or Your Set.

Introduction to Oakcliff Studios

This Quick Tour showcases our Historic Atlanta SoundStage outfitted for Green Screen.

Whether configured as a Black Box Set or Painted for your needs, when you rent you basically get the entire facility.

Our Private SoundStage Facility Package includes:

  • SoundStage with Cyc
  • Large Lounge or Green Room
  • Conference Room
  • Makeup Room
  • Kitchen Access
  • All Climate Controlled
  • FREE Wi-Fi through out

Movie Trailer Mockery: In a World...

We don’t take our self too seriously. Here is a quick tribute to dramatic movie trailers… and we tell our story.
Spoiler alert: We’re the Heros

15sec. 'Throwback Thursdays'


Catch Up on some of our Favorite Posts, where we honor previous clients, set designers and decorators, and unique offerings.

24ATL Overview